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Our tuition business started in 2001 coaching small groups of high end expatriate students who are keen to learn and master Chinese Language. The high end expats, Pre-School, Primary and Secondary School students coached by our tutors, performed very well and are among the best in their Chinese Language in School. Our company, Learning Paradise Chinese Education Hub, moved to Block 265, Serangoon Central Drive #02-271 in 2009. We employed NIE trained graduate teachers who are most familiar with our local school syllabus to tutor our local students in the Chinese Language. ; We are registered with MOE and our curriculum meet MOE’s requirements in coaching the Chinese Language. Currently we are looking after the academic needs of 150 students from Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Junior College students. Our team of 8 graduate teachers are bilingual, NIE trained with vast teaching experience in good schools. We add value to all our students by our caring and committed policy to help all grades of students and ensure they improve progressively. As a result of our inputs and care, our students show keen interests and become more proficient in the Chinese Language. Naturally they will do well when they understand and have a keen liking of the Chinese Language. We ourselves have achieved well academically and that there are certain strategies that need to be applied to facilitate our students to improve and master the Chinese Language, in particular the weaker ones. We are committed and invest heavily in sourcing, coaching and deploying the best Chinese teachers for every level that we teach. Even at pre-school level, we place heavy emphasis on the quality of tutors for our enrichment classes and the materials to be taught in order to lay a solid foundation in the early years of acquiring the Chinese Language. We also apply useful study and examination techniques to help students stay focus and excel in their Chinese Language during the PSLE and GCE ‘0’ levels examinations. We discovered that when we employed the right teachers, use certain key techniques and good teaching materials, our students having studied, will attain ‘A’ and ‘A star’ in their Chinese examination. This happened to our loyal students every year, with almost every one of our students scoring A’s and A-stars for Chinese in the PSLE and GCE ‘O’ levels. We also apply motivational techniques to inspire our students to achieve higher goals and create an enjoyable learning experience. We understand the importance and the future of the Chinese Language for our students. It is critical for your children to master it before they leave Secondary school as it is an extremely useful language in their adulthood. It will facilitate them to maximize their potential when they need to use the Chinese language to socialize, communicate and most importantly be successful in their working life and business venture. 关于我们………………

学习乐园是一间新加坡注册,教育部批准的华文补习中心,专为新加坡中小学生和学龄前儿童提供课外华文补习。在本中心执教的老师都是精通双语的大学毕业生,他们在新加坡教育学院受过严格的训练,在本地有数十年的教学经验, 拥有与众不同的创意教学法, 使孩子们在愉悦的环境下学习,实践证明深受孩子们的欢迎.