Naveen Siddique ( from Washington, USA )

He came to Singapore with his parents in 2007 with no basic knowledge of the Chinese Language. Our tutor, Mrs Lee started coaching him from scratch. Now he is attending his final year for middle school in the Singapore American School and he is one of the high scorer for Chinese there. He not only reads and writes proficiently, but can also communicate with others fluently in Chinese.

Yun Lin
She joined us at the end of her P4. She was weak in Chinese and has never passed the subject. After she joined us, her Chinese Language improved and she scored an A for Chinese in PSLE. She continued her secondary Chinese tuition with us. Last year (2015), she took her GCE ‘O’ level and scored A1. That is an incredible achievement for a student who has never passed Chinese from P1 – P4.

Adrian Ong
He joined our Secondary Chinese tuition in Sec 3 and together with Yun Lin sat for GCE ‘O’ level in 2015. After just one year of intensive coaching from us, he managed to score A1 for his Chinese ‘O’ level.

Darren Lee
He joined our P6 tuition class for HCL and regular Chinese in 2014 and scored A star for his Chinese in PSLE. He is posted to Chinese High, one of the top secondary schools in Singapore.

Ashley Yan
Ashley, a YangZheng student joined us since P2 and she scored A star for Chinese in the 2015 PSLE. Her success is attributed by the solid foundation built by us. Now she is reading Higher Chinese in Secondary School without further coaching.

Caesar, a Burmese national joined our Chinese tuition since P1 and managed to secure good grades for the subject thru out his primary school’s exams. Together with Ashley, he sat for his PSLE in 2015. He too scored A in his PSLE Chinese. Currently, he still attends our Secondary Chinese tuition.

Shawn, a Rosyth P3 student, joined our Chinese class for just 4 months and managed to score 19/20 for his recent CA1, thus obtaining second highest score in his class. His parents were very pleased and thankful to us.


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